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Win XBox One Consoles and EA Sports UFC2 Videogames with Monster Energy


Purchase cans of Monster Energy, register your tickets and win!

submit entries from November 14 2016 to January 01 2017

promotion rules

Cero Catorce Publicidad S.A.P.I. de C.V. ( from here on out “014MEDIA”) with home located in Eucken #8, Office 201 Col. Nueva Anzures, C.P. 11590 in Mexico City, convenes a promotion which is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.


To participate in the promotion Win Xbox One Consoles and EA Sports UC2 Games with Monster Energy (hereinafter the "Promotion") should be read in full the following Terms and Conditions and to comply fully with the bases, as well as referral to the rules of participation (hereinafter the "Terms") established here, which implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance and expresses the same.


The participation of the people concerned in this promotion, implies the acceptance of the mechanical, terms and conditions, which can be consulted in the following electronic address: Country: Mexico


Any violation of the terms, procedures and/or established systems for the realization of this promotion implies immediate exclusion and/or the revocation of the awards in the event of you be a winner.


In this promotion is not involved the chance, luck, the combination of numbers or the randomness.


1.-  MONSTER ENERGY AND 014MEDIA SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SELECTION, CONTACT AND DELIVER THE PRIZE The responsible for select and contact the winner is 014MEDIA who accepts and acknowledges to be the only responsible for this promotion.


The delivery of the prize will be carried out by Monster Energy Mexico S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (hereinafter "Monster Energy") who shall send the incentive to the place of residence of the winner or to the address of the shop where they carried out the activation, where you made the purchase the winner or any branch of the chain of participating stores where you perform the promotion.


2.- PROMOTION VALIDITY 00:00 hrs. 15 November 2016 until 23:59 on December 31, 2016.



Involved only the stores  Walmart Super Center, Bodega Aurrerá, Superama and Sam's Club in the country of Mexico.



 All cans of Monster Energy in any of their presentations.



     A) PARTICIPANTS:  May participate in the promotion all individuals complying with the next requirements (hereinafter referred to as "Participant"):

A.-reside in the United Mexican States.

B..-be older than 18 years to the date of the start of the promotion.

C..-Accept These Terms and Conditions.

D..-Read our Privacy Notice

E.-make the purchase of the participating products in the stores before mentioned.



To be able to participate in the promotion and get one of the incentives offered the participant must comply with the following mechanical:


1.-Should buy within the established territory and at the points of sale participants (Walmart Super Center, Bodega Aurrerá, Superama and Sam's Club) drinks of the mark Monster Energy in any of their presentations.


2.- Register their purchase tickets that reflects the acquisition of the product for the duration of the promotion and personal data in the web page and select the country Mexico.


3.- Each time that the participant record a ticket shall provide all requested data: name, surname, address, e-mail, cell phone number, conventional number, date of birth, name of the store where was purchased the product, ticket number and/or product barcode and accept the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of this promotion


4.-The data entered into the web site must be the same in each record for that are accounted to a same participant.


5.-Automatically  the participant will receive an email confirming the successful record of your ticket from [email protected]


6.- Shall only be valid Purchase Tickets dated between the 00:00 hours on 15 November 2016 and 23:59 hours on 31 December 2016.


7.- Once made the record, MONSTER ENERGY may request the shipment scanning the Purchase Tickets to the following email address: [email protected]


8.*"The Participant" should save the original of all tickets of registered purchase, by way of witness and to be able to claim the prize if win.


9.- To participate in the promotion, the participant must make a minimum purchase of 3 products Monster Energy at participating stores and register the ticket purchase on the website mentioned above. 


10.- Participants that have greater number of tickets register together with the requested information in the web site and these terms and conditions will be winners. The prizes will be awarded as follows:


From 1 to 6° place a console X box One 500GB

From 7° to 31° place a videogame UFC 2 Xbox One

From  32° to 46° place a videogame UFC 2 Play Station


11.-The records will be canceled in the event of detecting anomalies how: Date of purchase outside the force established, purchase at different establishments to the before mentioned or repetition of registration of a same ticket purchase.




There will be 46 winners, which will be participants who have registered the largest number of tickets during the promotional period and have provided all the information requested on the website, as well as send scanned (if requested) the purchase tickets to email [email protected] with attention to MONSTER ENERGY y 014MEDIA.


The Award may not be transferred or exchanged for any other incentive or its equivalent in cash.


Once delivered the prize Monster Energy and 014 media will not be responsible for costs of maintenance, mechanical failures, sickness or any failure, malfunction or defect of the factory.


The winners must certify the data entered into the web site by using an official identification in force and submit the originals of the registered purchase tickets.


In the case of not having a result a total of 46 winners at the end of the count of holdings in the promotion, MONSTER ENERGY may allocate the remaining awards for other advertising or promotional activities.




The winner will be notified by 014media within a maximum period of 15 working days once the promotion have finished by phone and email that the participant provided during their records and must submit the original purchase tickets without erasures, alterations or amendments.


In the case of a tie (same amount of tickets registered) will be taken into account to the person who has made the first record, considering the day and the hour.


The posting of the registration will take between 7 and 15 working days after the entry into force of the promotion.


In case of that 014MEDIA cannot contact the winners theoreticians in the period of seven (7) days to fifteen (15) days from the notification or if the theoretical winners could not enjoy the award for any reason and/or did not have the necessary physical condition to enjoy the Prize, these holdings are to be considered void and Monster Energy and 014 media will reserve the right to make a new promotion for the election of another winner as soon as possible.


In no case may any participant provide contact information other than the one indicated on the data of participation in the promotion.




May not participate in the promotion or will be disqualified:


1.-Employees or officials of the suppliers and/or collaborators of the Monster Energy or 014 MEDIA involved in the planning, development or organization of the promotion.

2.- Employees or officials of any other brand or company associated with it.

3.-The relatives up to the third degree, spouses, cohabitants, concubinarias or similar to any of the above.

4.-Hackers" (term used to refer to people with a great knowledge in computing and telecommunications that are employees with personal objectives for profit, which may or may not be malignant or illegal).

5.- *"Hunting promotions"; defined as anyone participant acting alone or in conjunction with economic resources, materials or informational unfairly compared to the other participants in order to obtain the benefit of the promotion including those mechanisms that are little ethical, moral or even illegal, such as create fake profiles to increase your chances of winning.

6.- Any attempt or implementation of programs or systems that seek to attack or undermine the promotion you can be pursued with the appropriate legal actions that criterion of 014 media are sufficient and entails the immediate disqualification and cancellation of participation of the participant who engages in such conduct.


Any decision of MONSTER ENERGY and 014MEDIAwill be unappealable, final and without the possibility of a tie or review.

Nor the sending of the online registration or any other type of proof of submission of the registration form credited the receipt of their participation. 014media does not accept any responsibility for entries incorrectly completed, lost, delayed or that have not been received for any reason.




The Prize shall be the responsibility of MONSTER ENERGY and can be made at the offices of or 014MEDIA or any participating establishment where you made the purchase of the products, the transfer to collect the prize is borne by the winner and will not generate any responsibility for MONSTER ENERGY or 014MEDIA.




The guarantee of the prizes will be provided directly by the manufacturers or distributors of the same, the duration of these guarantees are clearly in the description of each product and is issued and validated by the manufacturer or distributor of each product, therefore MOSNTER ENERGY and 014MEDIA  does not assume any responsibility around these guarantees and the winner agrees to directly contact the supplier or manufacturer of the product concerned to give effect to that guarantee.


Along with the product purchased the winner will receive a user manual, where are the instructions for correct use and installation of the product purchased, as well as all the warranty information that the manufacturer has conferred. No winner may request a broader guarantee than that there indicated.


MOSNTER ENERGY and 014MEDIA  will not be responsible for guarantees granted by the manufacturers or dealers of the products, but it will all relevant actions that are within its scope to provide the winners who so request the contact details of the service.




014MEDIA does not guarantee and is not liable in any case or circumstance of the following facts and content, damages that could, in its case, derive from the same:


Lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance and effect operation of the web page of the promotion and update, accuracy, completeness, relevance, timeliness and reliability of its contents, whatever the cause and the difficulties or technical problems or of another nature in which they have their origin such facts. The transmission and/or existence of viruses and other harmful items or programs for computers of users that might affect them, as a result of the access, use or site review, or to produce alterations in their electronic documents or files.


The illicit use, negligent, fraudulent, impersonating the personality of a third party or contrary to the content of these general terms and conditions, to the good faith, the generally accepted uses or public order, the Facebook page and/or Twitter and of your service by the participants.


The use of the trademark, trade name, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs that are used in the names of campaign without the prior authorization of the author.


Violations or infringements of the laws, usages or customs applicable in the field of industrial property rights, copyright, image, property, advertising or competition, among others, of third parties.


Reception, storage, collection, dissemination or transmission by third parties of the contents of the web page.


By the knowledge of any information that they might possess or use unauthorized third parties of the characteristics and circumstances of the use of the content and services of the web page and/or by the participants.


Any personal information that you provide to Monster Energy in relation with the promotion will be treated with the maximum security and confidentiality, in strict compliance with the law. These Conditions supplement the privacy policies established 


MONSTER ENERGY and 014MEDIA  are not responsible for situations beyond the conditions mentioned here or for any injury, collision or accident during the purchase, registration or claim the award or use of it.


The prizes are not redeemable for cash or for any other incentive.




The access and/or use of Facebook and /or Twitter is completely voluntary and attributed to the person who performs it, the status of participant. Any Participant who share the pictures with your tickets, products or the prize if you win, it accepts the content of the present rules, terms and conditions and in the same act gives his consent for your picture to be published in the web site of the promotion or in the social networks of Monster Energy.





Any violation of the Terms, any falsehood in the registry or the wrong conduct and/or fraud of the winner will result in your immediate disqualification, to the complete discretion of 014MEDIA, all privileges on its character of winner shall be terminated immediately.


The receipt of any of the components of this promotion by the winner is subject to the prior completion with each and every one of federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations that are applicable. Each winner is responsible for any taxs federal, state or local level that could be applicable.





All the Promotions 014MEDIA and MONSTER ENERGY may be suspended, canceled or modified in whole or in part at any time, by giving notice to the participants through the publication on the web page and/or in the middle where you communicate this promotion. 014MEDIA is the body without appeal that will interpret all the issues arising in relation to this promotion and its terms and conditions.




The Participant that he turns out to be a winner of this Promotion authorizes expresses and irrevocably to 014MEDIA AND MONSTER ENERGY and to any other company that these should determine, to spread in the means that he considers suitable, as well as the name and surname, country and city of origin, photographies, videoes and in general all that information that could be needed on the occasion of spreading this Promotion in the means and in the form in which 014MEDIA AND MONSTER ENERGY has, without right to compensation, remuneration or some remuneration.




 This promotion will be considered to be issued in conformity with the laws of the Mexican Republic.




 014MEDIA will not be responsible for the losses, hurts or prejudices suffered by the winner, by any prejudice who could come from the act of God or major force, acts of third parties and / or any responsibility that could not be directly attributable to 014MEDIA.


Not 014MEDIA, neither MONSTER ENERGY nor his directors, employees, subsidiary companies or neither of the same group nor the employees or the directors for these they will be responsible for any hurt or prejudice of any type that will be, that will be able to suffer the Participants or third parties, on his persons or goods, on the occasion of or with relation to his participation in the Promotion and / or for the utilization or consumption of anyone of the goods acquired with regard to the prize.






MONSTER ENERGY Mexico S. of C.V.'s R.L. with adreess in Urbina N.19 Office 3 Col. San Luis Tlatilco, Naucalpan Edo of Mexico CP. 53580, it performs responsible for the personal information of the participants and for the possible winners, for what it does a permanent effort to safeguard them.


We do of the knowledge of the Participante and of the Winners that the personal information that were asked from him (e-mail, domicile, telephones, name and surname) will be used exclusively to put in touch with the participants and / or the Participant who turned out to be winning and with ends of keeping our records updated in order to be able to answer him to his consultations; to realize activities of marketing and promotion in general; to realize advertising activities like him to offer products, services and information of MONSTER ENERGY and / or of our business partners; and / or commercial exploration and statistical analyses and of market. The Participant as well as the Winner has right to accede, to rectify and cancel the treatment of his personal information, as well as to be opposed to the treatment of the same ones, to limit his use or to the assent revoke that for such a end that they have been granted.


For the previous thing, the personal information that are facilitated to take part in the present promotion, is ruled by the bases of politics of MONSTER' ENERGY s privacy. For major reports to consult the page




The participation in the promotion will suppose the unequivocal assent of the winner, holders of the information, to the treatment of the same ones on the part 014 MEDIA and MONSTER ENERGY  to use as advertising his name and image in the advertising material related to the present promotion. The participants who are selected for the accomplishment of videos or photographies, will have to yield his rights and agree to use his image in digital content to 014 MEDIA and MONSTER ENERGY, which can be transmitted by digital and traditional channels.




The information of personal character that the Participants of the Promotion provide will have to be updated, veracious and complete. 014MEDIA it does not take responsibility of the possible losses, deteriorations, thefts, delays or any other circumstance attributable to third parties, Internet or the WEB application that they could concern the development of the present Promotion.




The parts surrender for the resolution of any controversy that could arise in relation to the present document, to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts and Courts of Mexico City.


All the Participants for the simple fact of taking part in this promotion accept the content and the dispositions contemplated in the present Terms.


For questions or clarifications regarding the Promotion, please contact the phone 01800 6550

Notice PROFECO folio: PFC.C.A. / 005350-2016