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Harry Main is one of the finest exports to ever come out of Liverpool, England – and that’s quite an accolade.  Widely regarded as one of the best BMX park riders in the world, Harry’s landed props from all sides thanks to web videos blowing people away from all corners of the Earth.  Harry makes the impossible, possible and does it all with ease.  Progression is at the core of everything Harry does and always will be.

Harry is the fan’s favourite thanks to his awesome abilities and super friendly personality plus he’s never been one to back down from the challenge of entertaining a crowd.  After turning pro at the age of 18, Harry became well known around Europe for his mix of technical skills and ‘go-big’ attitude demonstrated best with his trademark 1080. 

Harry’s abilities then went viral with a series of web edits showcasing his technical trick combos and Harry’s world wide attention bagged him his first X Games invite.  After having to withdraw from the X Games two years in a row due to a broken ankle, Main made his Dew Tour debut with a best finish of 7th in Maryland. 

More recently Harry has released his ‘Harrymania’ series showcasing some of the most progressive riding in BMX today.  Be sure to check it out here.

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