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Twenty-year-old Ishod Wair grew up skating the cold and crusty streets of the Easy Coast. Hamilton, New Jersey to be exact and despite his recent rise to pro skate stardom, south Jersey is still the place he calls home. Back in 2008, Ishod entered his first Tampa Am contest and never made it out of the semis, the following year he did even worse but in 2010 things started to change. He won the Maloof Money Cup Am Finals, the Phoneix Am contest then went to Tampa and returned home to Jersey with a respectable 2nd place finish in skating’s most prestigious amateur event. It was all starting to come together. 2011 kicked off with similar contest carnage and wins at the AmsterdamnAm and DamnAm Atlanta events, and another Maloof Amateur Cup victory in South Africa. Not surprisingly, in December of 2011, Ishod turned pro for Real Skateboards. His solid-as-a-rock part in Real’s Since Day One proved he wasn’t just some amateur contest kid but a versatile skater with unquestionable pro-level skills. Being a pro in New Jersey means lots of travel, and since going pro, Ishod hasn’t stopped. From epic roadtrips like Thrasher’s King Of The Road to international contests and filming missions, Ishod is out there living the pro skater dream and he’s doing it all with a smile on his face.

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