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The WSL Championship Tour is back in Western Australia. Some might ask, “Why?” and it’d be a fair question. Main Break Margaret River is notoriously slow and the abundance of sharks in the area has caused more than a few nightmares, heat delays and even l

Filipe & Conner Talk 2021 Surf Season

Sep 172021

In a historic first, the WSL World Title was decided during a single day of competition at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, CA, with five surfers battling for the championship. Monster Energy team riders Filipe Toledo came in 2nd overall and Conner Coffin in 4th. After a long day of shredding, these two surfers stoked us out by telling us all things WSL & what’s coming next.



You’ve been on the WSL tour since 2013, you know this like the back of your hand. How did you train differently this year? What’s your motivation to win?

I feel like I gained a lot of experience over the years, and that helps a lot, but nothing is really different, I am just enjoying the process and having fun with it! My motivation is my family and to show myself that I can do it!


You came so close to the championship; how do you feel?

I feel happy because I did everything I could, I gave it my all to try and win it, but was only one spot short, maybe next year!


Surfing next to your inspirations & then competing against them, they’ve probably given you some epic advice and stories. What’s one piece of advice you’d pass along to younger surfers?

One thing that I actually remember coming from one very experienced surfer which is my dad is; “Go out there and have fun,” that’s what I tried to do with everyone I paddle out!


Living in San Clemente, what’s it like having the finals on your home turf?

It was amazing to surf the finals here in Trestles. I love being here, I love the surf here locally and the community! I am so thankful to be here today! 


You’re ranked #3 on the Men’s Championship Tour going into the finals. Is this where you imagined yourself to be going into the season?

I feel that I’m in a good spot. I had a big chance to win the title... I focused on training, my surfing, and be ready to be in this position to compete in the finals. Excited for next year!



Your style is known as “Power Surfing” which got you an 8.5 on Match 2 of the WSL Finals this week. Can you explain your style & how you develop your strengths?

For me, surfing has always been about self-expression and I guess that’s where my style comes from and it changes how I’m feeling that day. I like to try and put together whole waves and feel like the parts in between the maneuvers are important as well. Sometimes it’s more raw and aggressive, sometimes maybe it’s more polished. I grew up loving to surf point breaks and watching Tom Curren and guys that had great flowing styles so that was what I aspired to.


You’re ranked #4 on the Men’s Championship Tour, how does that feel? Is this where you imagined yourself to be going into the season?

It feels amazing! It’s been a dream come true to be in the top 5 and to compete for a world title on California soil. I have definitely visualized myself in this position many times, but it’s definitely been a big task to accomplish.


What was your favorite event of this year?

My favorite event this year was the finals event at lowers. When I walked down to my first heat and saw my whole family, grandparents, and friends cheering for me and heard the whole beach cheer for me, I got goosebumps. I’ve never felt that sort of energy and support in my life. It was so special.

There has been a lot of controversy about this new format of determining the WSL world champ, what do you think about the new WSL final event format?

I thought the format was really cool and really exciting. It was so fun to be a part of, but also as a surf fan, I loved sitting on the beach and watching the world title showdown ensue.

This is one of the best seasons you’ve both had in terms of rankings, what clicked for you this year that hasn’t in past years?
I think I just really simplified things this year and was really able to enjoy my time on the road for a number of reasons. My girlfriend Sierra traveled with me and was so fun and supportive to have on the road. I also felt like I let go of trying to get results and just surfed and tried my best to enjoy everything.

The Brazilian storm has really put on a show the last few years, does it feel like they are an unstoppable force at the moment, or do you think someone will be able to defeat them in the coming years?

They are amazing. I’m constantly inspired by how good they are and how hard they work. It’s fun to be in the mix with them. The talent pool is really deep right now and I definitely think we’re going to be able to fight for titles with them!


Favorite Monster Drink to pump you up before your heat?

I’m a classic Green kinda guy!