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Coupon Policy

Black Monster COUPONS

Black Monster does not make any online or printable coupons. Creating counterfeit coupons is a criminal offense and can be investigated and prosecuted by Federal, State, or local law enforcement authorities with severe penalties.

With the large amount of counterfeit coupons currently being circulated on the Internet, Black Monster would like to clarify any questions regarding Black Monster coupons.

1. What if you find a Black Monster coupon online, is it valid?

No. Black Monster has never produced a printable coupon. This is a fraudulent coupon and will not be accepted by any retailers.

2. What if I purchased a Black Monster coupon online?

We recommend you do not use this coupon. Coupons being sold on the Internet or by other means may be stolen property or counterfeit. Individuals attempting to use these coupons may be subject to prosecution.

If you have any questions concerning a particular coupon, please contact the Black Monster consumer relations department at 800-426-7367.