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Andreas Bakkerud at the World RX of Spain - celebrating with Black Monster Girl Barbara

Monster Girl

Barbara A

Spain Spain

Q&A С Barbara A

  • I would like to visit

    Five years I think! It has gone so quickly I cant believe it! I love being a Monster Girl and pround to be one of the original team

  • I would love to try

    The fans, I get so many people contacting me and sending photos. The know me when I am at the Moto GP and it is awesome! I have even had people with my photos on their T-shirts which is pretty cool!

  • I love working with the most because

    Fun, relaxed and I love to party! Being spanish there is nothing better than good food and a good party!

  • I keep fit and in shape by

    Keeping everyone entertained and having a good time! I am also pretty good on a jet ski!

  • My favourite thing to relax is

    Moto GP Catalunya, Street League is awesome too in Barcelona! I loved B+E Ski event in the snow, but anything on the beach that is hot is perfect for me. My favourite outfit is a bikini!

  • To have fun and let me hair down I love to

    Shooting the Monster Girl Global Calendar for 2017, me and Eva have been selected for the front cover! It is amazing!