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Monster Girls Calendar for Central & South Africa Final Shots

Monster Girl

Danelle DeWet

South Africa South Africa

Q&A С Danelle DeWet

  • How long have you been a Monster Girl?

    Four years! I am one of the original Monster Girls in South Africa and love my team. Recently I went to Munich for a Monster Girl Photoshoot and I was in the Monster Girl Mansion in the UK which was awesome

  • What is the most awesome thing about being a Monster Girl?

    Amazing, I love being a Monster Girl as it is travelling, having fun and hanging out with friends! I love working in Africa as the fans are so much fun - the love Monster so it is amazing to be apart of it

  • What are you like to hang out with?

    I am energetic, fun and the life of the party! I love to hang out with friends, dance and have fun. My friends say I have a good sense of humour - I love to make people laugh.

  • Tell us what your party trick or skill is?

    Making everyone laugh and have fun! You always need someone in the group that keeps the vibes up!

  • Favourite event

    It has got to be the Monster Girl mansion in the UK - 60 Monster Girls under one roof it was so amazing. I also loved the Supercross in South Africa - there are just so many amazing events we go to

  • Favourite  Monster experience so far?

    Going to the Monster Girl mansion, being in the pool party and going to the Monster Girl Awards! I loved shooting with the whole team in England