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Monster Girl


Czech Republic Czech Republic

Q&A С Lucie

  • I would like to visit

    Three years as a Monster Girl! I have always been apart of Motorsport and wanted to become a Monster Girl after seeing them in the paddock!

  • The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is

    Being a Monster Girl and being apart of such an amazing family! The sports that we get to see and the people we hang out with is awesome! Once I have finished on the sunday I just want to go back again and do it over

  • I would love to try to

    I like to think awesome ofcourse! I love to party and have fun, I like to make the most of where I am!

  • I love working with

    The other Czech Team love the gym, I hate it! So I guess a skill is staying in shape eating pizza!

  • I keep fit and in shape by

    Any surf events, they are so chilled and awesome! I owuld love to go to Street League as love to watch. Moto GP is pretty amazing also, sunday on a race weekend, nothing beats it!

  • If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is

    Competing in the Miss Black Monster Speedway last year. I didnt win but it was still an amazing experience travelling to all of the different rounds and following the championship