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2017 Monster Girls Missing Profile Images

Monster Girl

Maura Higgins

Ireland Ireland

Q&A С Maura Higgins

  • How long have you been a Monster Girl?

    About 1 year but this is my first full season. You can come and meet me at the MXGP, Isle Of Man TT or StreetLeague

  • What is the most awesome thing about being a Monster Girl?

    Some of my best Friends are Monster Girls and I get to travel with them. The Monster Girls really are a family along with the extend team of our athletes and crew.

  • What are you like to hang out with?

    I will let the other girls tell you that! I would like to thing fun but they would also say hi energy and crazy!

  • Tell us what your party trick or skill is?

    Well I am irish so I have certain talents at a party!

  • Favourite event

    Indonesia MXGP!!! I still cant believe I got to go there, 17 hours of travel and one awesome event. The fans were so welcoming and sweet, they really loved the sport and it was awesome to see.

  • Favourite  Monster experience so far?

    Meeting everyone in idonesia and seeing all of the pictures after on social media. The Monster Girl shoot was amazing this year in Barcelona, I cant wait to see the photos!