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Monster Girls Pool Photoshoot for Africa

Monster Girl

Nokwazi Zimu

South Africa South Africa

Q&A С Nokwazi Zimu

  • How long have you been a Monster Girl?

    Two years going into my third! I love it and just recently travelled to Europe for a photoshoot, I would love to do more of that.

  • What is the most awesome thing about being a Monster Girl?

    Its awesome, being a part of the team in monster is like hanging out with a group of friends! We all travel together so get to know everyone really well. The fans are so enthusiastic and it is just getting bigger and bigger

  • What are you like to hang out with?

    Its all about music, I am a DJ as well as model so I love partying with friends and dancing. If you hang out with me I am the soul of the party

  • Tell us what your party trick or skill is?

    DJ'ing - I work as part of a DJ Duo in South Africa! So creating the party is my skill!

  • Favourite event

    I loved going to Munich for the Monster Girls Africa Photoshoot but we didnt stay for long so would love to do more in Europe. My favourite event in South Africa is anything the whole team is!

  • Favourite  Monster experience so far?

    Shooting for the Monster Girl Africa Photoshoot and working in counrties in Africa that have never seen Monster before! Its amazing.