Barbara A


New for 2015….

In 2015 I would like to visit
I will like to go to America, because I never been there and its new for me. I love travel!
The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is
Turkey and Latvia!! Turkey because I think its an amazing city, full of culture and beautiful buildings & Latvia because I think motocross of Nations was my best event of 2014, and I have some great memories!!

I would love to try
I would love to surf!! I saw the video of Alessandra, Lisa, Maria & Laia and it looks funny!! Really I want to try!

My main goal for 2015 is
HAHA, my goal for 2015 its just that it could be a better year than last year! But its dificult… the last year was amazing traveling all the time. I Just dont want to stop, do a lot of things and enjoy the life!

My favourite event in 2014 was
Motocross of Nations! In Latvia. It was a crazy good month for me, I didn´t stop work any day in this month, that’s what I really like.
I love working with the most because
HAHAHA. I love work with Steffy!! Because she’s always having fun everytime! Also I love working with Jessica, and my spanish girls for sure!

I keep fit and in shape by
I love to go to the gym! When I’m in Barcelona I try to go everyday and eat healthy!

If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is
My favorite bikini its one red/pink, a mix! I like fluoro colours for the summer, because you can see yourself browner!

My favourite thing to relax is
Go to have a walk with my dog.. Or go to the gym!  For me its the best time in the day! When I go to the gym I feel alive. Also the best time to relax for me is in the beach. There is no place I love more.

To have fun and let me hair down I love too
I love to go out! Dance and enjoy life with my friends!


2014 bucket list   - Learn to surf
Nationality  -
Favourite food  -
Favourite event  -
Moto GP
- I can sing very well
Hero  -
Paulin gaultier
Ridiculous fact  -
I get stopped many times asking if I am Cheryl Cole.
Funniest Moment 
 - Watching the fans going crazy for the T-shirts we fire out of the T-Shirt guns.
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