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Shelby & Amber at ArenaCross Birmingham

Monster Girl Monday - Week 10

Mar 072016

Arenacross has wrapped for the year, and the beginning of the week has hit harder than Cedric Soubeyras nailing the gas over a huge set of whoops. So what’s the answer? Monster Girl Monday of course. Just after the dust, dirt, and smoke had settled from the AX season finale in London’s Wembley Arena, we caught up with the insanely hot Amber and Shelby to catch their best moments from this season, as well taking centre stage for an exclusive photoshoot.

we caught up with the insanely hot Amber and Shelby

What was your favourite AX round this year and why?

Shelby: My favourite AX round this year had to be in Birmingham because there were eight girls in total on the job including Dianna Dahlgren and I always love working with a big group of girls as I think we have so much fun together! Amber: My hometown Sheffield of course!!! The crowd was Amazing and it`s always good to be back where I`m from! :) #teamsheffield

Which round are the fans the most craziest?

Shelby: Again I`d have to say Birmingham the fans are most craziest because it was a full arena both days and I think the added bonus of more monster girls could of played a huge part haha. Amber: Birmingham was next level, the rig riot went off!!!! Definitely my second favourite round! Was so much fun having DD with us...we had such a laugh...I wish we could keep her here in the UK! :)

What is your funniest Monster Girl moment from this years AX rounds?

Shelby: My funniest moment had to be me trying out the mini karts for the first time and when I felt a little more confident driving them I began to speed up and span out of control and ended up in a pile of tires in front of a lot of fans. Which made me fall around in fits of laughter! Amber: funniest moment has to go to Abi when she nearly walked out with the board upside down haha! We had her back though :) also my throwing into the crowd was pretty funny I`m shocking at it ha!

What is your favourite part of the AX event?

Shelby: My favourite part of AX is being stood up on the podium and handing out 1st, 2nd and 3rd position followed by a massive confetti explosion I always find that really exciting and fun! Amber: my favourite part is the FMX those guys are crazy and so talented!! I also love Edgar`s beat boxing. :) to be honest AX is one of my favourite events it was my third year this year & it just gets better :) loved being apart of it!