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Mar 302017

7 months ago, Tech N9ne and Strange Music teamed up with Warrior Built foundation and Black Monster in order to create an original piece of music and video to reflect the sacrifices and hardships our troops endure both during and post-tour. The track titled ‘PTSD’ is intended to create awareness around various forms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other obstacles our troops and veterans face, as well as giving hope to those living with such emotional challenges, letting them know they’re not alone.

“Having to look over your shoulder, waking up in cold sweats - when it came to naming the song 'PTSD' I could tap in because I've been in the midst of a war in my neighborhood for so many years.”

Through partnering with DJBooth, a competition was hosted where artists and rappers from around the country were able to submit a unique final verse, with the chance to win a trip to Kansas to record with Tech N9ne, making an appearance in the song and video itself. Taking advantage of Tech N9ne and DJBooth’s collective reach, this project gave aspiring artists the opportunity to take the next step in their careers and contribute to a meaningful and worthy cause. After over 4,000 submissions to the competition, Bloomington, Illinois rapper Jay Trilogy was chosen as the winner.


In an email to DJBooth, Jay Trilogy exclaimed "I've been given a chance to take a huge step in my career and vastly increase my fanbase and it's all because I kept at it and came harder instead of backing down!” On the purpose behind the competition, Jay added “After taking a look into Warrior Built and what this contest was all about I was obsessed with being a part of it.”


Warrior Built, founded by U.S. Marine veteran Nick Hamm, was curated to help veterans heal through building new community and purpose. In a recent interview on the subject, Warrior Built founder Nick Hamm discussed how he had difficulty finding a therapeutic outlet after becoming wounded twice in combat.


"I went through a lot of programs, but I was a little wild and crazy, and I knew there were a lot of guys like me, so I started the foundation. More traditional therapy works for a lot of people, but we're not all the same. So we work on choppers and Harleys and have a dirt bike racing's about forming a relationship. There are a lot of combat veterans who are facing PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, and we're not afraid to get in the weeds with them and help get them moving forward again."


Tech N9ne, who utilizes his music as an outlet for aggression and emotional vulnerability, tells of his upbringing in rough neighborhoods and how these experiences shaped the song’s lyrical content.


"I grew up in a gang bang neighborhood, and all our young ones are damn near dead and gone. Having to look over your shoulder, waking up in cold sweats - when it came to naming the song 'PTSD' I could tap in because I've been in the midst of a war in my neighborhood for so many years. A lot of people have those same problems, and that's where we connect with the troops and our fans."


Emphasizing the effects of PTSD which are also felt outside the military, Nick Hamm agrees "It's very real," he said. "You have to have hope, and you have to keep moving forward."


With such emotionally raw and relatable content, Tech N9ne has garnered a huge following in the military which led to him performing overseas for the troops.


"A few years go we were blessed to be able to go on a USO tour to Bahrain and Kuwait. When I visited the camps and saw a lot of wounded soldiers, injured and missing limbs, it just touched me. These people are fighting for us to be able to do what we do here, and they couldn't even go home to their families for Christmas. When I came back I cut off all my hair like the troops, we started wearing the boots they gave us in our stage show, and then we did a song called 'The Noose' with Mayday dedicated to the troops. I always felt like all these young men and women that are fighting for us, if we can give them some light, we need to."


Branching into using music as a therapy outlet, Hamm recently opened a music space at Warrior Built to give the veterans a place to "belt out whatever you're feeling,". Much of Tech and Krizz Kaliko's music deals with mental health and the Strange Music logo being a serpent and staff directly reflects a symbol of medicine.


All proceeds from the sales of the Tech N9ne and Jay Trilogy version of “P.T.S.D.” benefit the “Warrior Built” charitable organization. Founded by Nick Hamm, a former U.S. Marine, wounded in the line of combat, “Warrior Built” seeks to honor the service and sacrifice of combat veterans and wounded service members by providing vocational and recreational opportunities.


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