Absolutely Zero


    The Doctor

    MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi has thrilled fans around the world, with over 100 victories and 9 world Championships.

    We teamed up with Valentino, AKA "The Doctor" ™ to create our fastest Monster ever. With a light, crisp, refreshing citrus flavour and a full load of our legendary Monster Energy blend, it will get you up to speed in a hurry!


    Some people are impossible to please. As soon as they get what they thought they wanted they always want more. Our team riders and Monster Girls are no different… they’ve been dropping some hints lately.

    They’ve been asking us for a new Monster drink. A little less sweet, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend.
    Sure, white is the new black. We went all out: Monster Energy Ultra. Unleash the Ultra Beast!

    Ultra Red

    Who can forget those hot summer days and hotter summer nights thick with the promise of unlimited possibilities. Working a mindless job to earn just enough for that last epic adventure before starting “real life.”

    Following your heart to who knows where with who knows who, confident it will all work out.
    In homage to the endless summers of youth comes Ultra Red: Light, crisp, and refreshing with zero calories and zero sugar.
    Sweet, sweet, summer time, summer time.
    Unleash the Ultra Beast!

    Ultra Sunrise

    Get up, get out, go for it!
    Ultra Sunrise is dedicated to those who can sacrifice sleep for passion:
    Catching waves at dawn patrol, up on the bike when the morning dew gives the dirt more grip, or the first pass on that glassy lake kicking off an epic wake session.

    Ultra Sunrise will get you started but is great anytime: Light, crisp, and refreshing, with zero sugar and a flavour all of its own. Packed with a full load of our Monster Energy blend to keep the fire burning.
    After all it’s always sunrise somewhere.
    Unleash the Ultra Beast!

    Monster Energy

    Riv upp en burk av det elakaste energitillskottet på planeten -
    MONSTER ENERGY! Vi gick ner till labbet och kokade ihop dubbelt så mycket energi i denna brygd. Det är en wicked, mega hit som levererar dubbelt så mycket Buzz som en vanlig energidryck. MONSTER förpackar en ond punch med en mjuk smak man bara vill hälla i sig. 

    Tea + Lemonade

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