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Team Fnatic at the 2016 MLG CSGO in Ohio


Mar 292016

16 teams. 6 days. One million dollars. MLG Columbus kicked off today with a bang. The day was filled with exciting clutches, lone wolf defuses, drawn out maps and intense gameplay. With the stakes higher than ever before, every team had to bring their highest level of play. As is often the case, the pressure brought out the best and worst in players, yielding exciting games throughout the entire day.  In Group B, Fnatic started their tournament with an impressive 16-5 victory over NA hopefuls Splyce. Going into the game, Fnatic were prepared. In the days leading up to the Major, coach Vuggo delved into Splyce’s history to try and determine their best maps. After identifying ban priorities, Vuggo worked with team captain Olofmeister to identify some of the young team’s tendencies in movement around the map. With this knowledge in their pocket, Fnatic carried on with preparation of their fundamentals instead of developing anti-strats, confident in their experience and superior individual skill.  True to their gameplan, Fnatic allowed Splyce relative free movement of the map for the first three rounds. After confirming their suspicions, the Swedes quickly moved into a lockstep routine. Dennis, Olof and Krimz rooted themselves in high traffic areas and waited calmly to get opening picks. With JW and Flusha moving around to scout out any unconventional rotations, Fnatic were able to maintain control of the entire map and easily take a strong lead. As the game went on and the world champions extended their lead further, Olof and Dennis began playing more freely, rotating around to other commonly traversed areas and getting more aggressive with their angles. Though the change was minor, it catapulted Fnatic into a double digit lead at the halftime.  In the second half, Splyce surprised everyone with a fast rally taking 4 rounds in quick succession. Despite the impressive play and intense pressure from the potential of an upset, Fnatic played calmly and built their economy back up. As they reached match point, it was clear that they were communicating effectively to coordinate aggressive pushes onto bombsites. In the first quick game of the tournament, Fnatic closed it out with a dominant 16-5 finish.