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 Alliance DOTA 2 at 2015 DreamHack Winter in Jonkoping, Sweden.


Mar 172016

For the past 8 years, five players have dominated Melee. Five individuals took almost every single major tournament, dominated their respective regions, and controlled the scene as a whole. In the past 3 years, in conjunction with Melee’s resurgence in the greater competitive gaming community, a slew of challengers have risen up and begun to chip away at the God’s reign. This weekend, SXSW have gathered all of these contenders in one place and are pitting them against the Gods in an all out war for a shot at joining Leffen in the new order of Melee. Unfortunately, they’re going to have their work cut out for them. The Alliance PPMD is heading up Group B. The Wise Sage from the Mountain’s Peak, PPMD is often considered to be one of the most analytical and thoughtful players in Melee. One of the first Gods to dual main, his Marth and Falco are both deadly in tournament play against even the hardest of opponents. Lately, PPMD has been focusing on his Marth, playing it for the majority of Genesis 3’s singles and the entirety of the crew battle. His immaculate spacing and famous smooth movement allow him to wall out his opponent with a constant stream of attacks. Once his Falco comes out, PPMD relies not on on flashy technicality, but on a set of strong fundamentals that create a tight combo game.  The three time Apex champion will be squaring off against mYi.Ice, CLG.PewPewU and TempoStorm|Westballz in his group. Fortunately for PPMD, he has a winning record against PPU and Westballz, and has yet to ever play Ice in tournament. Over the past few months, Westballz has had troubles with the Falco/Marth matchup, with losses going all the way back to his set against Ken at Evo this past summer. For the match with PPU, PPMD simply has to rely on his status as one of the greatest players in the Marth ditto matchup to easily sweep the group.