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Chris Grenier is a funny guy. He’s the type of rider that lights up even the heaviest sessions with humor and a positive, wiseass attitude. But when it comes to the actual riding, Chris gets serious. How else would this 23-year old kid from Southboro, Massachusetts end up riding his own pro model board and putting out badass parts in the big videos? The answer: serious skills and focus. Chris emerged as a hungry grom from the New England scene about 5 years back with strong showings in regional contests and videos, and fully broke into the pro ranks with his 2009 video part in TransWorld’s Get Real. He followed that up with another technical, creative segment in VG’s 2010 film Bon Voyage. Influenced by fellow east coasters Lane Knaack and Scott Stevens, as well as skaters like Andrew Reynolds and his dad, Chris’ riding blends proper skate-influenced style with an incredible degree of board control learned from a youth spent on the icy slopes of New England resorts. Now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, Grenier has easy access to the best snow on earth and with his newfound love of snowmobiling, will surely be taking his game deeper into the backcountry in the coming seasons.

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