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Photos from the 2022 World Skate Rome contest in Italy.

Nyjah won and Aurelien got 2nd!!!!

Nyjah Huston Takes First Place in World Street Skate Championships Rome 2022

Jul 052022

Street skateboarding is back in the Eternal City! Nyjah Huston took first place in the World Street Skateboarding Championships Rome 2022 this weekend. As the first official qualifier event for skateboarding in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, Nyjah rose above an elite field of international riders with a dominant performance and was joined on the podium by Aurelien Giraud, in second place.

Right in time for the Rome contest, organizers introduced a new scoring system: A rider’s best run of two is scored from 0 to 100, and the score is combined with two best tricks out of five, also scored on a scale from 0 to 100. As a result, riders can build a final score between 0 and 300.

In the Men’s Skateboard Street Final on Sunday night, eight qualified finalists took on the technical street course under the spotlights. The crowd was in for a historic battle, as the finals came down to final trick attempts with scores hovering above the 90-point benchmark.


Before coming to Rome, Huston had won the official street competition at legendary CPH Open in Copenhagen. After stepping off his board in Run 1, Huston followed through by putting down a perfect second run stacked full of difficult tricks: Kickflip frontside boardslide the long rail, 360 kickflip the bump, 180 switch crooked the gap rail, blunt kickflip the quarterpipe, Half Cab crooked into bank, kickflip backside lipslide the flat rail, 50-50 fakie the quarter, fakie kickflip the bump and Caballerial kickflip up the Euro Gap, switch backside nosegrind the Hubba, backside 180 nosegrind the rail and switch heelflip the quarterpipe earned Huston 93.00 points and the highest Run score of the entire weekend.


In Best Trick, Huston kept his momentum with Caballerial backside noseblunt slide the Hubba (90.77 points) and had the crowd on its feet with a difficult fakie kickflip nosegrind the Hubba, a trick he never landed in competition before, netting 93.11 points. On his last attempt, Huston landed a perfect switch heelflip nosegrind the Hubba for 93.32, elevating his overall score to 279.43 points for the win.


Also claiming a podium spot this weekend, Giraud came to Rome after recently taking first place at the FISE (Le Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) street contest in Montpellier, France, in late May.


After putting down a perfect first run in Rome on Sunday night, Giraud upped the ante on Run 2: Backside tailslide the flat rail into bank, big flip frontside boardslide fakie the rail, 360 kickflip the bump to bump, backside hurricane the Euro Gap rail, huge backside 360 ollie the pyramid to flat, hard flip frontside boardslide the rail and a huge hardflip over the Hubba gap for 92.15 points and an early lead.


When the action moved into Best Trick attempts, Giraud followed up by landing a hardflip late 180 over the Hubba gap for 85.57 points. On his third attempt, he finessed a perfect 360 kickflip to frontside noseblunt slide the Hubba for 91.98 points. And on his fifth and final attempt, Giraud stoked the crowd with a perfect hardflip late kickflip for 91.83 points and second place with a total score of 275.96 points.