Griffin Colapinto Wins Newport 500

May 14, 2014

Surf contests, like people, are all different. They are also like people in that some are simply crazy. And sometimes, crazy-good. Last weekend Volcom held the finale to their Totally Crustaceous Tour in the form of the “Newport 500,” a Nascar-inspired surf contest complete with pit crews, checkered flags and apple cider showers on the podium. Dripping wet and smelling like an orchard on Sunday afternoon was Monster Energy team rider Griffin Colapinto, who won the Motor Mount (Junior) division of the three-day event. With style as smooth as a bald set of tires, Griffin carved, aired and chucked tail all the way to the finals to net the 15-year-old San Clemente native $4,000 and bragging rights until next year, when he competes in the Lug Nut division. This is the kind of crazy we can all get behind.

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