Natalie L

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
2014 bucket list - I WILL skydive this year!
Nationality   - British
Favourite food   - Fresh Juices
Favourite event - Le Mans Moto GP
Skills      – Padi Licensed Scuba diver
Ridiculous fact – I love a good arm wrestle
Funniest Moment   - Getting lost in Bulgaria for 6 hours trying to find the track, not funny at the time but it is now!


Le Mans Moto GP     - 16.05.2014
Finland RX     - 27.06.2014
Sweden RX     - 04.07.2014
Cardiff  Speedway   - 11.07.2014
Kings Lynne Speedway    - 26.07.2014
Cataluna Moto GP   - 15.06.2014
Cardiff Speedway   - 11.07.2014
Kings Lynn Speedway   - 25.07.2014
France RX     - 05.09.2014
Sweden  Speedway   - 26.09.2014
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