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Jason Webb destorying Supadrift 2015


Apr 092016

So Jason, what preparations have you been making leading up to Drift City this weekend ?

We`re running the same set up on the car as last year. The only change will be the new wrap that we had done for the event.

You've currently been out for 3months with a knee injury, how are you feeling going into your first event of the season?

I`m feeling pretty confident, Drift City will be more relaxed for me compared to the usual drift contest environment that we`re normally used to. The knee is still in healing process so we will just take it easy and not try to risk anything.

You must be stoked your team mate "Baggsy" is coming back to SA to Judge and MC at the event?

Who is Baggsy? Yeah! its always great having Baggsy come over, I try to teach him a lot of tricks that he can take back home with him. He loves learning from me ;)

What can your fans expect to see from you at Drift City?

They can expect tons of smoke and I advise they better bring some ear muffs, I will be driving on the limit of my 2JZ!

We`ve seen there`s been some serious work going into your car lately, care to share any details on that?

Yeah, we did some re-fabricating of some body work on the car and slapped on my 2016 livery. The car is looking fresher than ever and I`m keen to go slay some tires!

Do you think it benefits the local drift scene having internationals over at South African events.

Definitely! I think it makes people realize that they can get exposure internationally and also makes them want to drive hard at these events. Also, getting advice from international drivers is always a great benefit.

What are your 2016 plans going forward after this weekend?

We`re in the National Supadrift series championship which I will be fighting to keep my title from last year. So you can definitely catch me slaying tires there. I`m also hoping to go drive at one or two events overseas to show them what us South Africans have got!