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State of Mind

Oct 022017

What happens when three top athletes, two mountain bikers and a surfer Monster get together in Puerto Vallarta? The incredible 4-minute-long State of Mind video. Join Monster Energy athletes, Sam Reynolds, Ricardo Peredo and Dylan Southworth and feel what it's like to be a world class mountain biker and surfer, as they do what they do best.

State of Mind is a project that was created at one of the most challenging Urban Downhill contests on the planet, Down Puerto Vallarta. Creating this piece in Puerto Vallarta's nature was a daunting task as it was filmed in narrow streets surrounded by thousands of people in an uncontrolled environment.

Fans and locals take part in the action, as they watch from their balconies that line the course paths. The mountain bikers race through alley ways and gravel terrain—hitting drops and catching air over the lush Puerto Vallarta backdrop. And the Monster Girls were there to keep the party going!


Dylan Southworth hits his hometown beach, swimming through the crashing waves off the quiet sandy beaches, just north of Puerto Vallarta. He is clearly at home in the surf, taking each wave with earnestness but ease. Southworth’s sick cut backs match the artistry of the natural beauty that is Riviera Nayarit.


State of Mind, more than a recap video is a project which creates a synergy between two very different sports.  The synergy is created through the common objective that these athletes have of experiencing and achieving personal greatness, which all starts with a chemical reaction, adrenaline. These athletes behind all those bad ass flips and tricks battle with this rush that goes unnoticed. This greatness that invades them is not temporary, for these world class athletes it is a state of mind.

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the 3 badasses featured in State of Mind, check them out here.


State of Mind - Ricardo Peredo

State of Mind - Dylan Southworth

State of Mind - Sam Reynolds