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Monster athletes compete at the 2016 Hart Lines Event in Detroit, MI


May 152016

Monster Energy congratulates team rider Nyjah Huston on taking first place and $35,000 at the 2016 Red Bull Hart Lines street skateboarding competition in Downtown Detroit. In front of a high-energy crowd at Detroit`s Hart Plaza, the 21-year-old from San Juan Capistrano, California excelled against the world`s best street skateboarders in a competition focused on trick difficulty and consistent lines. Last year`s winner, Monster Energy team rider Curren Caples earned a strong second place finish on the versatile street course.

Now in its second year, the Red Bull Hart Lines street skateboarding competition paired off 25 of the world`s top street skaters in a unique format: Riders take turns attacking the Hart Plaza street course – divided into two "lanes", skated from top to bottom – in an attempt to string together the perfect run.


Despite the occasional snow flurries, the level of skateboarding soared on the flow-oriented course, peppered with transition elements such as bowl corners, wall rides, and banks, next to street-centric obstacles such as gaps, handrails, massive stair sets, and huge hubbas. The key to winning was combining the most difficult tricks and creative transfers into a line without falling, while judges also kept an eye on the riders` speed.


No stranger to quickly stacking difficult tricks into consistent lines, Huston covered the course with technical moves such as crooked grind up the rail, frontside nosegrind the medium hubba, frontside kickflip over the quarterpipe gap, backside smith on the downhill rail, crooked grind to nollie flip on the bump-to-rail, half cab kickflip into the bank, backside kickflip up the Euro Gap, and backside 270 lipslide down the center section`s large rail. For his big ender, Huston pulled a gap-out backside 180 to fakie nosegrind down the big hubba – securing the win and trophy at his first time skating the Hart Lines competition.


Bringing his fast and powerful flow to the Detroit course, Monster`s Caples skated with more speed than most competitors and a diverse bag of tricks including: gap-out to frontside nosebluntslide on the big hubba, backside 5-0 on the stair hubba, lien to tailslide and frontside grind on the wall ride, frontside 5-0 grind the bump-to-rail, and frontside blunt on the huge wall ride won Curren a solid second place finish.

Monster Energy’s Chris Cole and Ben Hatchell also competed in the Red Bull Hart Lines competition.


What`s next? Nyjah and Curren are at the SLS Nike SB Pro Open 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, this weekend. The two will be joining Monster teammates Chris ColeIshod Wair, and Shane O`Neill for the international street skateboarding competition on Skate Agora BDN Barcelona concrete skate plaza. They are battling for SLS Championship points and a chance to win a Golden Ticket straight to the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship in Los Angeles on October 2, 2016. High stakes, high energy – stay tuned!