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Skateboarding Athlete

Raphae Ueda

United States United States


Keeping it all in the family! Hailing from San Marcos, California, Raphae Ueda came into skateboarding by way of his famous, high-flying father: Brazilian vert icon Lincoln Ueda. Raphae was only 3 years old when he watched his dad put down a plus 10-feet body jar on a Mega Ramp, which left an indelible impression. And even though his father never forced him into skateboarding, Raphae took to skating bowls and street spots with a natural ability and boundless hunger to get better. He progressed quickly, also thanks to sessions with his father’s pro skater peers, including the likes of Bob Burnquist. At a young age, he already flaunts a unique style that blends massive airs with street-inspired tech wizardry. His lip trick combos and flips on vert without grab require seeing for believing. It’s no wonder that certified skate icons comment in amazement on Raphae’s Instagram video clips. On the contest side, he’s finished Top 5 in the 2021 USA Skateboarding National Championships and counts among the next generation of skaters to watch right now. This young shredder has already taken flight, now watch him soar!