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Athlete Spotlight: Alex Hall

Jan 262023

Alex Hall is 24 and considered the most well-rounded freeskier on the planet. Don’t believe us? Read below and we’ll prove it to you. After that, you can watch him absolutely dominate at Winter X Games 2023 this weekend, competing in Big Air, Slopestyle, and Knuckle Huck.



Alex Hall holds 9 X Games medals: 5 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze.

Alex is the only skier in X Games history to earn gold in four different disciplines.


He’s taken gold in: Slopestyle at Aspen 2019, Big Air at Aspen 2022 & Norway 2019, Real Ski 2021, Knuckle Huck at Norway 2020

At Winter X 2022, Alex Hall became the first skier or snowboarder to stick a 2160 in a contest, helping him win his second X Games Big Air title. And he didn’t even plan it out.


“I just randomly decided I would try it,” Hall says. “I was never thinking about that trick in the days leading up to it or anything. I didn't even visualize it. You just got to go for it with big tricks like that.”

That same weekend of X Games, he added bronze medals in both Slopestyle and Knuckle Huck, making him the first male skier with three medals at one Winter X Games.


Alex struck slopestyle gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“So hyped to put a run down that was true to myself and embraced what I love about skiing. Creativity.”


He stood out for buttering a jump in the middle of a trick sequence. He then threw an extremely creative right double cork 1080 pullback into a 900, the equivalent of a pretzel in the air, off the last kicker.



At Winter X Games 2023, Hall wants to win Slopestyle the most because it shows a rider’s all-around skills. He also says Big Air is the hardest because there’s so much pressure to innovate.


Hall says his secret to success isn’t a special gym routine, diet, private coach or meditation. It’s connection. He felt close to his teammates Nick Goepper, Colby Stevenson, and Mac Forehand.



At 6’4”, he’s the tallest X Games champ in a freestyle Ski discipline. It’s very unusual to see competitive trick skiers of that height.

Despite many attempts, no athlete has earned three gold at a single winter X Games. It hasn’t been done at all since 2006. Will Alex Hall take gold in all three events this weekend? With the records he’s setting – it’s hard to doubt it! Tune in this weekend to see Alex Hall shred through records and medals!