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Practice Images from the 2022 X Games event in Aspen

Skiing Athlete

Edouard Therriault

Canada Canada


For a talented young rider who follows his own beat, look no further than Canada’s Edouard Therriault. Hailing from Lorraine, Québec, the freeski virtuoso is making waves as a creative innovator and modern-day renaissance man. Inspired by jazz, painting, filmmaking, and traveling, Edouard likes to approach life on his own frequency, or as he calls it, ‘frequenski’. Known for his creative freeski video edits including anything from homemade graffiti, rare live music jams to computer animated UFO crashes, ‘Edjoy’ encourages followers to “Be your own jazz.” The free-flowing approach shows in his riding that is highly skateboard-inspired in style and trick selection, also because Edouard can hold it down on four wheels with a firm lock on 360 kickflips and other tech moves. When it’s time to get ‘serious’ about competing, he can send it with consistency, earning high marks as the 2019 Junior World Champion in Slopestyle and 2021 Vice World Champion in Big Air. Best of all, Edouard is only getting started on his journey as a rising freeski pro, so look forward to more of what he calls, “Riding from the heart to yours.”