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Baggsy at Monza Rally Show 2018

Baggsy shreds the tread at Monza Rally Show 2018

Dec 102018

Fresh from tearing it up at the 2018 Gymkhana GRiD world finals is Johannesburg, South Africa, our resident tyre slayer Steve Baggsy Biagioni showed no sign of taking his foot off the gas, by heading to Italy this weekend for the latest edition of the Monza Rally Show.

Debuting his awesome custom-built 520bhp Nissan S14, Baggsy tore it up on the blacktop, and around the historic concrete bankings of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, as well as taking a lucky few for some smokey and burnout filled passenger rides.

“It’s been another awesome visit to Monza for this year’s rally show. The car was incredible, the crowd was insane, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric,” Baggsy told us.


“I’ve taken some passengers on laps of the circuit, and tried to put on the best possible show for the crowds. Everyone is always so enthusiastic here - especially the Rossi fans! As a driver it always really gets you going when you get such a warm reception - Monza is a legendary place in motorsport, so a visit here never disappoints.


“It’s always a real highlight to drive around the F1 circuit bankings on the original (old) sections of the circuit too. When you drive around the back of the track, where you don’t think anyone is watching and then you find these massive pockets of people; it’s crazy. It’s great to be able to show off drifting to a different crowd as well. A lot of the fans here have just come to watch the rallying - they’ve probably never watched a drift car in real life - so I think Monza is a great opportunity to elevate the sport of drift, and show what we can do to a different group of motorsport fans.”


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