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Monster Mashup at Art Basel: Street Artist Roster Collabs on Gettin’ Up

Dec 212022

Skrrt: Monster is at the international art fair, Art Basel?! Check out Risk, Jeks One, Hiero Veiga, Meme, Adam Fu, and Balloonski as they add some street swag to the Miami event with a bomb mural. Dip in behind the scenes and peep the artists at work on the visual mashup; view the mural from insane drone angles; catch the artists vibing; and hear why Hiero Veiga likens the experience to earning an Olympic medal. 

Wanna meet the crew? Here’s a little about them and what to look for in the Monster mashup.

Jeks is known for his portraiture, and he salutes Meme with one. 

Meme brings her dazzling street style, and she talks about the underrepresented presence of women in graffiti art.

Balloon artist, Balloonski, salutes his home state of Florida with a 20-foot green alligator. 

Graffiti icon Risk Rock was the first artist invited to paint in Michelangelo’s studio in over 400 years. Check out his butterflies on Gettin’ Up. 

Adam Fu tags with his wild neon style, vibing Miami with a pink flamingo and Day-Glogreenery. 

In addition to laying surrealist paint, Hiero Vega talks about the validation of being part of this art collab.