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2020 images of Tai Woffinden's NHS tribute helmets


May 212020

‏The world is a tough place right now, but it’s also brought out the best in people, and has shone a light on some of the everyday heroes who often go unappreciated.
‏In the UK, NHS workers have worked tirelessly to provide world class healthcare service for those most in need and for triple Speedway World Champion, Tai Woffinden, he wanted to pay his own small tribute.
‏Tai’s helmets, which are always custom painted by Czech paint guru Slim Graphics, have this year been adorned with the ‘Thank You NHS’ logo on the rear, and he plans to either auction or raffle some of the collection at the end of the season to raise some money for NHS workers.


‏“The world is a crazy place and there’s so many people behind the scenes just getting on with it and working so many hours. NHS workers, key workers, they are just amazing in how they have dealt with everything that’s happening and I just wanted to say my own little thank you I guess,” Tai said.
‏“I have obviously had experience of the work the NHS do and I’ve got some friends who are key workers, and they haven’t complained once, they just get on with what they have to do. I wanted to show some appreciation and hopefully at the end of the season we can raise a nice bit of money for a good cause.
‏“All over the world, these kind of people have been keeping their countries together so it’s just about saying thank you to them and letting them know that we all appreciate what they’re doing.”
‏Right on, Tai.