Bob Soven

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By the young age of 15 Bob had 5 National titles and 6 World titles under his belt.  Not a bad resume by the ago of 15… During Bob’s first year on the Jr. Men’s tour, Bob took a nasty fall skateboarding and suffered major head trauma.  He had to sit out for entire year.  He came back with a solid 2008 year on tour, but then came 2009 when Bob completely took the wake world by storm. 


Soven won all 5 stops on the Pro Tour becoming the first ever Jr. Pro Men rider to sweep the tour.  He was also the national Champion and when put up against the big boys at Bro Stock, he knocked out everyone other then Danny Harf to claim 2nd place.  With a personality like no other,  which is absolutely amazing, Bob Soven will one day not only rule wakeboarding, but he could very well rule the World.

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