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In his Monster Energy-backed 442-cubic inch, 860-horsepower motivated #16 Desert Assassin Trophy Truck, Cameron Steele drives like a bat out of hell in the teeth chattering, spine compressing world of SCORE Off-Road Racing. Along with his otherworldly tough race truck – built around a tube-chassis spine of 4130 chrome-moly steel and covered in fiberglass skin - Steele is also the founder and proprietor of Desert Assassins. “The Desert Assassins are a group of people who are fully dedicated to off road racing,” beams Steele. “It’s a desert family. I hate team names that have their name on it. I thought we’d just come up with something different and Desert Assassins was a little bit offensive and thought people might remember it, so off we went.”


While many race and action sports enthusiasts may know of Steele from his ESPN/ABC/NBC/CBS and Speed network TV gigs, he feels most at home flying across the desert in his beloved Trophy Truck. “The one thing people don’t realize that when the trucks get going that fast, we have big open cabs where NASCAR has windshields to throw the air up and over the car, our trucks give you the sensation that truck is starting float. Once I get over 120 miles per hour the truck feels like it’s going to take off and fly. And at times you can really and truly be going that fast and be driving sideways and almost floating sideways down the dirt.”

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