Griffin Colapinto

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It’s almost like his parents wrote his future for him when they named him “Griffin,” because you can’t avoid success with a name like Griffin Colapinto. And success, for this young man from San Clemente, CA, is as inevitable as a summertime south swell at Lowers. And it’s at Lowers where you’ll often find Griffin, clawing into a mid-sized one before unleashing a perfectly choreographed barrage of tailblows, carves and airs that look too big to be coming from such a small kid. But they are, and he just keeps growing. In addition to competing and winning amateur contests around California, he’s already done photo and video trips for SURFING Magazine and was ranked 2nd in this year’s Hot 100 in Surfer Magazine. And while his surfing will get him noticed, it’s his smile and charisma that will endear him to the masses. The kid is charm and positivity incarnate.

Enjoy Griffin with some Crest Whitening Strips and growth spurts.

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