Melissa Marquardt

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Melissa is the gnarliest chick in the sport of wakeboarding.  She has had 13 concussions, broken bones, sprains and a scar the runs half way up her thigh.  It’s because of these injuries that she has pushed women’s wakeboarding in a direction that no other girl has.  Melissa is the most stylish girl on the water.  She grabs every trick and hits rails better then guys.  One word to describe Melissa, Fearless.  She is also a very decorated rider with X Games medals, Triple Crown medals, and countless Pro Tour podiums.  Not one that really likes the state of women’s wakeboarding right now, Melissa is taking matter’s into her own hands by hosting an all girls event for summer of 2010 that will focus on freeriding and continue to push the sport in the direction that she’s sees it.

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