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Instead of cracking open a few beers, raising their fists, hollering at chicks, and having a good time, so many bands choose to whine about their hearts and their hair. Where`s the fun in that? Thankfully, Atlanta`s Attila haven`t forgotten how to party on their fifth full-length album and third for Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie, About That Life. Boasting brutal grooves and a whole lot of bravado, this is metal at its most raw, raucous, and ratchet. The quintet—Chris "Fronz" Fronzak [lead vocals], Chris Link [guitar], Nate Salameh [guitar], Sean Heenan [drums], and KalanBlehm [bass]—incorporate hip-hop flavor into head-crushing riffs for an intoxicating sonic brew. You can jump in the pit or shake your booty to it—at the same time. When they hit the studio with producer Joey Sturgis [Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada] back at the helm in 2012, Attila had one goal. "We just wanted to make a really raunchy album," says Fronz with a smirk. "Going into it, we knew that there would be a heavy hip-hop influence so we put ourselves into that mindset. I only listened to ignorant rap for the month leading up to the album. It`s really heavy rap-influenced metal with some southern rock thrown in. It`s the soundtrack for a badass." "Badass" is the most a propos description of the entire collection. Somehow, Fronz and his cohorts tapped into the crunk energy their native Atlanta is known for, crafting the ultimate 21st century hybrid of rap and rock. They`re not making any apologies for it either. The first taste of the album came with the fiery "Middle Fingers Up". Snapping from a slippery rhyme into a bruising beat, it`s an irresistible anthem doused in gasoline. "It`s our intro," he goes on, "It sets the pace for the whole album. It`s about using ignorance to your advantage. Either you get it, or you don`t." In many ways, Attila tap into the carefree spirit that rock music has been about since its inception. That`s what really makes them stand out amongst a scene that doesn`t know how to cut loose and have a good time. "We just truly don`t give a ****," he declares. "We do what we love and we embrace the hate that comes with it. People have this pre-conceived notion that music has to have some positive message and really deep uplifting lyrics. That`s totally bullshit. Not everybody in the world listens to music because they`re depressed. We make happy music for happy people who want to have a good time. If you want to party, you`ve come to the right place." Attila definitely know how to party. After forming in 2005, they rose through the ranks to solidify their status as the ultimate purveyors of "party metal". Their explosive live presence made them a fan favorite worldwide as they`ve shared the stage with everyone from Asking Alexandria and As I Lay Dying to Suicide Silence and Iwrestledabearonce. Their fourth effort, 2011`s Outlawed, hit #7 on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart, #8 on the Hard Music Chart, and #87 on the Billboard Top 200 upon its debut. Overall, they`ve sold over 60,000 records so far. However, they`re primed for much bigger things to come now. Ultimately, it`s about everybody having a good time along with them. "I want people to smile and enjoy the music," concludes Fronz. "Music can get you through anything. If you`re having a bad day, play our album and head bang. Start a party. Live life!"