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At the tender age of 20, many would argue that Brandon Caskey has yet to see or experience everything that life has to offer. While this statement may be true, a number of life-changing events shaped this young Orlando, FL emcee’s reflective mindset, and consequently, his sharp lyrical abilities as well.

Growing up mostly in the Winter Springs area of Orlando, Caskey developed a love for all types of music from smooth jazz to hardcore rock and later a deep appreciation for hip-hop artists such as Three 6 Mafia, NWA, Nas and AZ. When he started crafting his own rhymes in the 10th grade, he decided his last name was the perfect representation for the lyrics and stories he had to share: “Honestly I could never think of a rap name that I liked, they all felt like I was creating a different identity. Caskey was just me.”

While developing his talent, life would send Caskey a tough blow in 2009 when his father passed away on April 20th. In addition to a guiding light, Caskey would lose his biggest fan and supporter. This pivotal moment inspired Caskey to throw away all of his previous material in favor of writing more introspective music. Caskey went on to graduate high school in 2010 and begin recording songs with local artists and producers to get his name out. His youthful, care-free partying ways would eventually catch up to him in another painful reminder of what life can bring.

In May 2011, a 70mph motorcycle wreck left Caskey hospitalized for a month as road rash and exposed bone on his shoulder required skin grafts and leave many scars behind. For Caskey it provided yet another soul-searching moment to ending his reckless behavior and cleaning up in many ways. Doing time in the all-too-familiar hospital setting brought back additional memories of Caskey’s family history with drug abuse and health scares. With his renewed resolve now more determined than ever, Caskey began crafting his No Complaints mixtape with Orlando production team, The Avengerz. 

Released on April 19th, 2012, nearly 3 years after the passing of his father, Caskey’s No Complaints mixtape has been an acclaimed favorite from all who have heard it, noting his amazing balance of substance and fun in addition to wordplay and confidence that belie his age.

“I just want listeners to enjoy the music and create their own experiences to it. Hopefully they connect to what I’m saying and take something away from it,” he explains. “I think people will recognize that I spend a lot of time on specific elements of my music. I may not put out as much material as other rappers, but it is fine-tuned and unique.”

Viral videos for “Keep It On The Low”, “Killer Intro”, and “Letter To My Father” along with his popular “Backing With Caskey” episodes, quickly launched the No Complaints buzz, prompting Caskey to shoot more visuals, release merchandise and further build his

It wasn’t long after that No Complaints would reach the ears of some key industry players including legendary Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams, who wasted little time in inking the Orlando lyricist. As media outlets such as MTV, Complex, XXL, The Source & Vibe covered the signing, Baby wasted little time putting together the full-length “Keep It On The Low” video and servicing it to BET’s 106 and Park as while as radio stations across the nation.

The sizzling single and its accompanying visual have helped propel Caskey to even greater heights with fans clamoring for more music and more YouTube material. These impressive co-signs and power moves aside, Caskey continues to dominate social media and while working alongside other bright talent like fellow Monster music alum T Mills and flashy rhymesayer Riff Raff.

As he preps his next highly-anticipated project, Caskey promises that there are even more surprises in store that have yet to be released. If the forthcoming year is anything like the last, there should be no problem at all for anyone to know exactly what Caskey is up to.

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