DJ Prime

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"Prime" : Adjective "Of First Importance, Fundamental of Greatest Relevance, Highest Eminence"

From 30 to 30,000 People DJ Prime always puts on a great show!!

The open format style has made Prime a Fixture on Jersey Shore for the past 10 years: "People want to party I give them music to party too" From Club Music to Hip Hop to Rock to Dub Step…”I Got Cha!!”

Traveling City to City / State To State is a weekly ritual for Prime 3 different states in a week is not uncommon at all!

Doing my NYC Radio Mix Shows on the Plane / Remixes for the labels in the Hotel Room & Conference Calls in Taxi Cabs is just the norm for DJ Prime!

“15 Years as a DJ and I still have a lot to accomplish...Just watch me do it!"
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