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Moto X Step Up Final Images

Bryce Hudson Soars to Silver

Jul 162017

Monster Energy congratulates MTX rider Bryce Hudson on his silver medal performance at the Moto X Step Up Final at X Games Minneapolis 2017. Up against an intimidating field of riders, Hudson put on a show for the Minnesota crowd showing off his specialty — air time. 

Under the newly constructed US Bank Stadium in Downtown Minneapolis, riders from around the world lined up to send it off the near vertical kicker the crew had constructed earlier in the day. Following a finals-only format, the drill was simple — if you don't clear the bar, you’re cut. 

Starting with bar at 30-feet, none of the riders had a problem for the first few rounds. Not surprising, as the height grew so did the roar of the crowd enlivening the atmosphere and stoking the adrenaline of the competitors. For a while it seemed like everyone was in contention — that was, until the bar was raised to 39-feet. At this magic height, one-by-one, riders began to drop like flies until only two remained, Bryce Hudson and rival Jarryd McNeil.

Continuing to match each other round for round the two riders battled it out gunning the 30-foot run in before sending it to the sky. Finally, at the height of 43-feet Hudson nicked the bar on both attempts. Watching with enthusiasm, he then conceded the victory to his friend who cleared the bar with ease. 

Afterwards a lively Hudson said, “A silver medal means a lot! It means I’m coming back next year!” before adding, “It means I'm up there with the best of the best!”


The one thing I wanted to work on this week was consistency,” said Hudson, looking back on his performance.


“It’s easy to go high once or twice, but every single time — that’s hard!”


Today's effort makes three silvers for Hudson in the event that he previously won in his rookie season in X Games Foz do Iguacu in 2013.


ESPN and ABC will televise a combined 18.5 hours of live X Games Minneapolis 2017 coverage, which will also be accessible via the ESPN App to viewers who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.


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