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Cole Swindell performing at Stagecoach Festival 2017 as well as behind the scenes shots.

Cole Swindell Stagecoach Interview & Photo Gallery

May 032017

Cole Swindell is absolutely on fire right now! Everything he touches turns to success, from releasing Gold and Platinum selling albums and singles, to winning an ACM Award for new artist of the year. We sat down with Cole right before his debut Stagecoach Festival performance for a quick chat and some behind the scenes photographs.

Q & A

This will have been your first Stagecoach performance. What do you think will be special about it compared to the rest of the shows on your current tour?

Stagecoach is something that I have always heard about. All of my buddies have played it. We just haven’t had the opportunity so this will be the first time. Also being with Dierks out there, I’m going to get to perform my single “Flatliner” so I can’t imagine a bigger and better crowd than Stagecoach.

You’ve written songs for some huge names in country music such as Craig Campbell, Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, and Luke Bryan. Are you now exclusively writing music for your own project or do you still write songs for other artists?

When I signed my record deal I had to say that any songs I felt like were for me I had to keep. As an artist you’re not always ready to say something at a certain time. That may be a chance to send something to a friend of mine, or another artist that is ready to say that particular thing. I’m just trying to write the best songs possible. If they fit me, I’m keeping them. If they fit somebody else, I’m happy for them to record them.

You’ve collaborated on your own songs with friends and peers such as Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan in the past. Do you have plans to collaborate with anyone special in future?

No collaboration plans for album three. Although my current single, I’m collaborating with Dierks Bentley. That’s a pretty cool collaboration for me considering me and Dierks are on tour together and our past history.

Would you ever consider doing a genre cross-over collaboration with an EDM or Rock artist? (similar to Aviici’s Hey Brother for example)

That is not on my list of things to accomplish, but a great song is a great song and down the road if it fits a project that I was doing then maybe so. Right now, I am proud to be a country artist and going to write and record the best songs that I can.

Your latest single “Flatliner” with Dierks Bentley was a massive hit recently at the ACM Awards. What initially made you decide to collaborate with Dierks on this particular song, and can you give us some insight into the inspiration behind the song lyrically?

“Flatliner” is a song that sounded like something Dierks would sing on, or crush as an artist. It was a pretty easy choice to ask him. It’s cool for him to have said yes, because when we were writing this song I had him in mind. It’s pretty cool to have him on the song. Lyrically, it’s just about a good-looking girl dancing, it’s not life changing. Just a fun song that we put out to radio and put in my set.

If you could tour with one artist outside of the Country Music genre, who would it be and why?

Taylor Swift, so that I could see how she runs her show. She’s one of the biggest stars on the planet. I’m a big fan.

Most artists love to tour with other bands or artists who they’re friends with. What artists would make up your ultimate tour lineup?

Me, Dustin Lynch, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett, and Sam Hunt

You’ve cited previously that Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley and Eric Church gave you motivation and inspiration to pursue songwriting leading to your career as an artist. Are there any other artists past or present you take influence from when you are actually writing your songs?

Luke, Dierks, and Eric Church were huge influences of mine in college. Before that when I was a kid, I was influenced by all of the 90’s country artists. Now, just music in general influences me. I find influence in great songs, anybody who is writing their own songs, whether they’re in Nashville or somewhere else.

Do you ever find yourself influenced by music outside of Country, and apply your own style and touches to those ideas?

Country songs to me, the lyrics are what make them special. Some of the other genres it’s the sound of them, the music behind them, the fact that it makes you want to get out of your seat and dance. Every genre has its thing. I like all music, but I would say that I am more influenced by country. If you find a song with a good melody and a good beat, I’m down to listen to it.

Country music obviously has a loyal and very loving home within the United States. Do you have plans to take your music on the road internationally in the near future?

Unfortunately right now, I have only been to Canada and Mexico on different tours, but I feel like I’m building a fan base wherever we go. That’s the fortunate thing about being on big tours. There are a lot of other places overseas that I’d love to play that we haven’t had the chance. So, that’s definitely on my bucket list.

What other parts of the world would you like to visit, or have the biggest Cole Swindell following outside of the U.S.?

I’d like to go to England, because my dad was stationed there in the Air Force.

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