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Lifestyle/ Media Project with Danny Schneider and his Signature Shoe launch.

Hard Nine Choppers legend Danny Scheider talks about his passions and lifestyle

Apr 062017

Danny Scheider is a Hard Nine Choppers legend, influencer and free spirit all in one. We caught up with him to talk about his passions and lifestyle whilst in his garage in Berne.

The day starts at 06:00 in the morning, I have practice at 07:00. Generally, that takes 1h - 1,5h. Then I go straight to work. Now, in spring there’s a lot to do! Everyone wants to ride their motorbikes. 

I think it is due to my media presence. I made a signature watch before, and signature pipes are also coming soon. A colleague of mine makes Bucketfeets in Europe and they collaborate with artists where every artist can submit their own design/artwork. 

The design by Pascal is very special, as well as the colour-line. It is unique and it is limited! We have this kind of shoe since our childhood. It’s just cool to have your own. I am not a billionaire, but I have a signature watch and now signature shoes!

Shoes are consumption material to me. But I like nice shoes. When you’re able to include your own ideas into the design together with an artist’s, that’s cool, isn’t it? 

I try living my lifestyle without chasing after a particular lifestyle. So I try to create a lifestyle, not obsessively, but because I live that way. It all started with my bikes, they also look different than others. I have set some new trends and that’s my success. It comes from passion and fun and that’s what I am looking for.

The snail stands for children’s cancer. I also built a charity bike for this purpose and that’s why it is a special tattoo to me. The others just come as they tickle my fancy.

To me, riding a bike has a huge importance. Everyone has a lot of stress and is working a lot. Riding means cutting off my everyday life. When I am riding, I am completely switched off. I put my helmet on, no one can call or talk to me, I enjoy the nature, I am lost in my thoughts and I regenerate for the rest of the day.

It’s always tricky to top a bike that you’ve built. Actually, I am getting in my own way because I create a great bike and I know that the next one has to be better and different.  That’s a lot of pressure! I can’t draw, I just do. My bike changes in the whole process 5-6 times. For example, I create a tank, a fork, a wheel and then the tank doesn’t fit anymore. So I have to develop the tank again. Everything has to fit 100%. I am very picky. Only then I’ll release the bike.

I’ve built FXRS, that’s not a custom bike but a very original one. I used many motocross parts and readjusted them. Actually, it was just intended for my own riding. But within two months I won three titles and 12 magazines were talking about it. That’s unusual for an 8 year old stock bike. This in turn assures me that it is a great bike.

I think I’ll just let loose for a while, I don’t take things too seriously and don’t have to launch a new bike every year. I take my time and rather create something awesome!