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Rampage Jackson at the 2017 Grand Prix of Czech Republic

Interview with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at MotoGP Brno

Aug 152017

Wrestling and UFC legend, actor and most recently popular gamer among Twitch streaming site, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson honoured us with a visit to Masaryk Circuit for the weekend of MotoGP Brno. He seemed to be having a lot of fun and we are excited to bring you an interview with him.


We’re here at the MotoGP circuit in Brno. Do you have interest in motorbikes at all?

I like them, but I have always been afraid to do what these guys do. Look how fast these guys are going on bikes... Me, being a fighter, you take one tumble and your career could be over so I have always been afraid of motorcycles. However, I really enjoy it. I wish I could do that.

Have you ever seen MotoGP or is it the first time?

I’ve seen it on TV. You know, where I am from, Memphis, it’s not a huge thing, but whenever it is on TV, I sit and watch it. One of my cousins used to be a racer and I’m sure he knows everybody. I remember growing up; he would show me all these pictures of different bikes. And he used to be a motorcycle racer, but I’m sure he is retired now because he’s older than me.

So he sure knows how to go fast?

Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of him on those same types of big bikes, same thing. It was a big deal, because where I am from, you don’t have many people who race bikes and stuff like that. This brings back memories of me going to visit my cousin and him showing me pictures and stuff from races.

What is big in Memphis then? Is there one sport that is a go to?

Basketball and football are really big in Memphis.

Is it the first time you have been to the Czech Republic?

Oh, yeah!

Are you enjoying it so far?

I am enjoying it, the people are so nice and it’s a great place. I like travelling. I’m enjoying myself.


You started with martial arts way back when you were at school. How did you get into it?

When I was seventeen. I started wrestling and I just kind of fell into it. Wrestling goes very well with mixed marital arts and if you really think about it wrestling is a marital art. It kind of chose me.

Let’s go back to when you were 15 or 16, would you still do it? Or is there another career path you think you would take?

Honestly now, with gaming being so huge I kind of wish I would have stuck with gaming. Because I have been growing up with video games and nowadays there is this app called Twitch, where gamers can make a living playing video games. And it is so much more fun!

You’ve got your own Twitch channel…

Yes I do and I love it!

What are you playing these days?

Right now I’m playing this game called PubG and it is so addictive. I brought my laptop and I played it for like 30 minutes before I came here. So If I could advise young me, I would say: “Ok, don’t be a fighter, spend all your time playing video games, because in the future you are going to be able support yourself just by playing videogames.”

Do you play the UFC game at all?

I have played it a few times. Because anybody who watches me on Twitch, they are big UFC fans so I have to pay the game with them sometimes. I haven’t played it for months but I’ve heard that they are coming up with UFC 3 so I am sure that they are going to beg me to play it soon.


With who do you play?

I play with my character basically against whomever they choose. And these kids are good so I’m always having my ass kicked and that’s why I had to stop playing it. It looks so real that it looks like I am really getting my ass kicked and some people take the video games very seriously, in their minds, they really are kicking my ass. And I’m like woah, I have to really stop playing this.

Speaking of UFC or combat sports in general, is there anyone you have your eye on?

Oh no. I have always been that type of fighter who doesn’t care. I don’t call out other fighters. I don’t do it for the ego or to prove that I’m the best. I’ve had that part of my career. Now, I just do it for the love of the sport. I fight anybody they put in front of me. I don’t care.

Apart from all the sporting background, you are also a really good actor – A-Team, Fire with Fire… How did you get into that? Did you just fall into it?

Yeah, same thing. I got into acting one time when I got injured, when I broke my ribs and couldn’t fight for a while and this one guy from Brazil called Frederico Lapenda, who is big MMA fan and does filming, somehow contacted me and asked me to do a movie. And I did the movie. And he said: “Oh you are a natural actor!” and so on... And I had fun so after that I started doing other small movies. Then I got an agent and he asked me like: “Hey, what kind of movies would you like to do?” And I said: “ You know what, if they ever make the A-Team movie, I want to be in that movie.” And years later they made the A-Team movie, I passed auditions and bam there you go…

Is there anything in the pipeline or is it secret?

Yeah it is kinda secret…