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Pictures from round 1 of 2017 Speedway Best Pairs series in Torun, Poland - Monster Energy Speedway Team on podium

Monster Energy Team podium in Speedway Best Pairs Opener

Mar 262017

It was the first speedway meeting after the winter break for some of world’s top riders but from the very beginning it was clear that nobody was going to take it easy that night. Greg Hancock, Chris Holder and Paweł Przedpełski representing the Monster Energy Speedway Team had to do their best to make it to the podium of the Speedway Best Pairs round held in Toruń last night.

Having won their first race 5-1, Greg and Chris faced the other favourites of SBP already in their second race. A heat draw against last year’s winners, Fogo Power, and solid results in the next two heats put the M-claw team in the second position after four out of six races of the main event.

"It was a very tough meeting as every team was pulling away points from each other all the time" – said Chris Holder commenting on the tight rivalry in the main part of the event.

"The ref held the tapes a little bit longer that time, I was sure it was going to go but it didn’t. It was a race-off so I was a bit like a loaded gun. A big mistake, I don’t do that very much but sometimes it happens, it’s a part of this sport" – said Greg who was a true leader of the Monster Energy team that night, winning 13 points in total.

"I had a hard time here last year, a couple of good and a few bad races. This time my ride was better but it’s always a hard feel, the first race of the year. It’s always a lot of variables at the beginning of a season that we try to work out so, all in all, it was a good meeting, we still finished on the podium and there are two more tough rounds to go. I feel good, I’m quite happy on how it went tonight… I just won’t sleep too good tonight thinking about touching the tapes" – added Greg summing up his and team’s performance.

"Third place is not bad, we won six solid points in the SBP overall standings and with two more rounds to go, after what we saw tonight, it can only get more exciting!" – said Paweł Przedpełski who is already looking forward to another battle of the series, which will take place on May 2nd in Gniezno, Poland.