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Road to X- Harry Bink

Jul 152019

As he landed the worlds first rock solid front flip, Harry Bink has set milestones in his career. We sat down ahead of X Games Minneapolis 2019 to get to know this FMX star.

" being a stronger and better version of myself."

You’re just back from having shoulder surgery. How long did the recovery take and what was the process?

I’m still recovering from it, it’s still not 100%. I have to do my shoulder exercises every day to maintain the strength in it. They say it takes a year for a full recovery and I’m about on the 8th month mark. The first three months you are not allowed to even use your arm. You must keep it in the sling and do nothing with it. If you lift the weight of your arm, you are doing damage to it even though it doesn’t hurt. It was a really hard injury for me because I usually can go off pain, but with this injury I couldn’t. I had to listen to the doctors because if I didn’t, I would be doing damage to all the ligaments. By far the most challenging injury especially mentally. It still hurts in certain spots and there’s still tricks I can’t fully commit to because I’m scared of throwing my arms above my head. It’s getting a lot stronger and definitely more strong than weak right now.

How did you keep motivated throughout recovery?

It was good timing, I got a new place a month after I got my shoulder reconstructed. So, I renovated my house and the backyard. It kept me really busy throughout the day for three months. I stayed busy all the time and caught up on all the things I never got to do because I was traveling.

How did it feel being back on the bike competing in China?

It felt good. Still dusting up the cob webs. I was still really nervous and hadn’t made a full comeback in that stage. I was still in the process of getting my tricks back. I wasn’t fully recovered, but it felt good to be back with all the guys.

What are you looking forward to the most being back?

Just being a stronger and better version of myself.

What is your ultimate goal competing this season?

Being consistent. I really want to come up with new tricks. Just keep progressing within myself. I want to keep it growing and not keep getting hurt.

What is it like preparing for Minneapolis X Games?

Brutal. It’s gnarly, I have a bad ankle right now from trying to learn how to do a double back flip again last week. I’ve been on crutches all weekend, it’s not really what you want confidence wise, but It’s gnarly and it comes with it trying to learn tricks. Staying strong and healthy is the hardest and the main focus.

Fingers crossed you will not need the miracle hands of Dr Sheeny anymore. How do you think he will take the blow?

Even when I’m injured or not injured, I’m always referring to sheeny and he is always helping me out with something. Whether its bike night or whatever it is, but I’ll be stoked being independent and my body will be strong and fit, not needing him.

You seem to have a pretty tight crew on the Gold coast. Do you guys push each other to try new things?

Yeah, it’s pretty cool! We all ride together, train together, eat together, and party together. We all share a consistency of work and play. As far as learning new tricks its cool because we can all push each other.

If you could bring 4 people to a desert island (alive or dead) who would you pick? And why?

Bear Grylls because he knows how to live, Jacko Strong because he’ll keep me warm at night when it gets really cold, Jessica Alba because she’s nice to look at and Will Ferrell to cheer me up when times get rough.

So Skydiving? Is this in the retirement plan?

No…and yes because I really love it. It costs a lot of money, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it forever. I definitely had lots of fun doing it and it’s a second sport that I would want to get into.

Anything to add?

Monster Energy!

To see more from Harry make sure to tune into X Games going down August 2-4.

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