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Sven Thorgren at the 2016 Air & Style in Innsbruck, Austria


Feb 102016

What are your first impressions of the this year`s Air & Style set up?

I really enjoyed it. Normally when you come to Air & Style in the first days the jump is kind of scary and bumpy. But this time it felt very well and soft. Jump as it`s self was very good just the small lift up to the start is a bit sketchy. I love to come back to the Innsbruck Stadium.

What was your first though before dropping in?

Hhihi. :) I don’t really think that much as we actually joke a lot and are having good time. I think the time when you think a lot is when you are the first guy to drop in. Actually the Tor was the first guy who tried it. So after you see couple of people riding, then it’s pretty mellow.

Which beat do you listen when you ride?

Yes, sometimes I ride with music and sometimes not. I like to listen hip-hop or rock`n roll when I ride. Usually at the competitions I do not listen music, because there is already music on the location.

Which is your favourite Air & Style stop so far?

I think this is by far my favourite stop, because here is winter and real snow. It makes jump better and the crowd is unique and loud. It makes my stomach tickle. Especially as it feels that many people from Innsbruck love snowboarding.

What do you like the most being at the Air & Style?

Most special thing is being up there and then 15 000 people are screaming your Name. It’s an amazing feeling, it feels like being a Rock Star!

What’s your favourite Monster taste?

There are so many good ones. I like the Rehab lemon taste the most, I guess.