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Tech N9ne at 2017 Aftershock, Sacramento

Tech N9ne is going to another “Planet” with his new single

Nov 222017

Veteran rapper and entrepreneurial owner of Strange Music, Tech N9ne, has dropped a surprise track on the world today. The new song titled “Drink Up” is set to appear on his forthcoming full length “Planet” due out some time next year. Planet will feature mostly solo material unlike his “Collabos” collaborative series of projects.

Speaking on the theme of the new album Tech explains “I’ve been wanting to escape this planet mentally, so I created my own. I left planet Earth, I created my own planet since this one looks like it’s going to be at war. Maybe I’ll create a planet that’s more about love and respect”. When asked about the direction of the record, Tech divulges “I’m trying to do something different. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Seven (a producer) really helped me do that with the beats; he knew where I wanted to go. I wanted it to be our own music but still melodic enough for people to get it. … We did a good job keeping it melodic and with our weirdness and catchiness at the same time.”


Tech N9ne recently appeared at Monster Energy’s Aftershock Festival where we spent the day behind the scenes with the rapper and his crew. Tech will be wrapping up 2017 with two final performances in Lincoln NE and Lawrence KS before powering into 2018 with Planet and a whole new touring schedule! Stay tuned…


Tech N9ne 2017 tour dates


12/1 - The Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE

12/2 - The Granada, Lawrence, KS


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