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The bloody beetroots live and backstage photos

The Bloody Beetroots

Jan 262018

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo may seem to hide behind a mask, but that is just a part of the mystery that contributes towards The Bloody Beetroots’ electrifying and intense live show. We followed The Bloody Beetroots on their recent Christmas tour through Zurich, Geneva and Milan.


Diary - Miano @ Fabrique

The band’s recent successful USA tour featured a unique fitness bootcamp experience for VIP fans led by Sir Bob and supported by Monster Energy and Muscle Monster. It was time to replicate this amazing initiative for the European fans. Jump into this 3 day tour diary and live the Bloody Beetroots Live experience at it’s best!

Diary - Zurigo @ Dynamo

Come along for the adrenaline filled ride that is the Bloody Beetroots tour experience as they crush audiences with brand new tracks from The Great Electronic Swindle.


Diary - Ginevra @ Usine

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