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A Monster Energy Preview of the 2022 Corona Open J-Bay

The Monster Roster is Stacked for the Corona Open J-Bay 2022

Jul 112022

Those whipping offshore winds and freight training rights. Sharks in the water and lions on land. Africa is truly where the wild things are, and that’s where we’ll be next week for the Corona Open J-Bay.

The lone Championship Tour event on the African continent has long been a favorite of tour surfers — a chance to reconnect with the raw energy of the Motherland while shredding the one of the most flawless waves Mother Ocean has to offer. And as the season comes to a close, it’s the ultimate chance for tour surfers to secure their spot in the Final 5, and their shot at a world title. Things are getting wild.

The waiting period for the J-Bay Open is July 12 – 21. Tune into WSL or Youtube to cheer on the Monster team!

Monster Threats 


Filipe Toledo: The guy is 10k points ahead of No. 2, and he’s won here before. Put your money on him

Griffin Colapinto: If there’s one guy that’s had Filipe’s number this year (remember Portugal and El Salvador?), it’s Griff. He’s likely to go far.

Yago Dora: While goofy footers haven’t historically had great luck at J-Bay, Yago’s style and bag of tricks might just be enough for him to buck the trend.

Seth Moniz: He’s back! After rehabbing his knee injury and missing a couple events, the young Hawaiian is ready to throw the jersey back on and clock in for some J-Bay tube time.



What about sharks?
It’s the ocean, so they’re there. But drones, boats and Jet Skis will be on hyper alert, so as to avoid another Mick Fanning Situation.

Are you sure Filipe Toledo hasn’t secured his world title yet?
Positive. Remember, they’re still doing the Final 5, so while he’ll likely secure the top seed for Final’s Day, he’ll have to win on the day to win the title.


How’s the forecast look?
Like there will be a few great days. And because there are fewer surfers in the draw (see: mid-year cut), a few days is all they’ll need.