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Tom Schaar Takes Silver

Jul 162017

Monster Energy congratulates Tom Schaar on taking second place in the America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air event today at X Games Minneapolis 2017. In front of a high-energy crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, the 17-year-old from Cardiff, California, took the podium in a heated battle between the world’s best Big Air skateboarders to claim his sixth X Games Skateboard Big Air medal.

Today’s event really put the “big” in Big Air. For the first time in years, the Big Air competition was held indoors to eliminate factors such as rain and wind that had proven challenging at past X Games. In 2016, the Skateboard and BMX Big Air events were cancelled due to harsh weather. The move indoors directly resulted in a new X Games record for highest air as well as one of the most competitive finals in history.  

Stepping into tonight’s finals session with confidence, Tom Schaar secured an early lead by landing a flawless backside 720 tailgrab over the large gap into a 21-foot-high backside 540 on the quarter pipe for 85.33. While other competitors had yet to land their first run, Schaar turned up the difficulty on his second run by following the backside 720 tailgrab with a high-flying backside 900 aerial on the big quarter pipe for 91.66.

On his third run, Schaar attempted the combination he had spent the past weeks perfecting: A backside 720 tailgrab followed by a difficult backside stalefish 900 on the quarter pipe. Although Schaar came close to landing what could have been the night’s winning combo on his remaining three attempts, he was leapfrogged by Elliot Sloan who edged ahead with a 94.00-point score to claim the win.

Tonight’s finals also saw a strong performance by Monster Energy’s Trey Wood. After emerging from yesterday’s qualifiers in second place, the 16-year-old rookie from Queen Creek, Arizona, landed a mute 720 aerial over the big gap, followed by a high-flying backside 540 on the quarterpipe for a fifth place finish at his fifth career X Games performance. 


Trey’s Monster Energy teammate and Big Air skateboarding trailblazer Jake Brown also made a strong showing this weekend. In yesterday’s qualifiers, the six-time X Games gold medalist – including two gold medals in Big Air – landed one of his signature high-difficulty runs: A kickflip 360 mute air over the big channel followed by a 17-foot high mute 540 air on the big quarter pipe looked like a sure shot into the finals, but he ultimately missed a top three qualifying spot by a few crucial points.


Today’s silver medal brings Schaar’s X Games medal count to six; one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals. After making history as the first skateboarder to land a 1080 aerial at the age of 12, Schaar started competing at X Games in 2012. 


Schaar has since matured from child prodigy into a top competitor in Big Air as well as Skateboard Park, a discipline in which 2017 marks his strongest season to date: Schaar is currently ranked first in the Vans Park Series Pro Tour Challenger rankings and won the annual Vans Pool Party contest in Orange, California, for the second time in May. 


A recent win at the Road to X Games qualifier event in Boise, Idaho, also secured Schaar a spot in tomorrow’s Skateboard Park event at X Games Minneapolis. Will he make history as the first skateboarder to medal in both Park and Big Air? Make sure to tune in tomorrow, when Schaar will be competing next to his Monster Energy teammates Raven Tershy, Ben Hatchell, and Wood.


ESPN and ABC will televise a combined 18.5 hours of live X Games Minneapolis 2017 coverage, which will also be accessible via the ESPN App to viewers who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.


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