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Performance Athlete

Tj Eisenhart

United States United States


Born and raised in Lehi Utah, professional cyclist and artist Tj Eisenhart has ripped into a new chapter of cycling for the 2020 season with his new project Imaginary Collective. With the rise up of his career from 2013-2016 racing for BMC, he became a national champion just two years into his professional cycling career. Eisenhart has since then raced for Holowesko Citadel and Arapahoe Hincapie racing team with accomplishments such as first overall in the Redlands Bicycle Classic and fourth overall in the Colorado Classic. From a young age, he learned the importance of chasing his dreams, and through hard work and determination, success will follow. Partnering with Monster Hydro at the beginning of 2019 Eisenhart saw major potential in their partnership and has continued working with them for the 2020 season. Eisenhart will be riding for Imaginary Collective in the 2020 season with the project focusing more so on the creative aspect of gravel racing.