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Holy Bowly 2016 in Mammoth

Snowboarding Athlete

Harrison Gordon

United States United States


There’s no mistaking the skate-influence in Harrison’s snowboarding. From handrails and hips to tranny-finder street hits, the Californian rider looks at riding through the skate filter. The result: a style that’s uniquely his own and patently proper. A byproduct of the explosive SoCal park scene of the early 2000s, Harrison spent his grom years building skills at Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and Mammoth. Surrounded by pro level riding in the world’s best parks, he rode everything and learned the critical skill of board control. Basically, the kid got good. Seeking bigger challenges and alternative environments, Harrison started hitting the streets. His skate background gave him a sixth sense for spot selection resulting in heaps of sweet and consequential shred clips in movies like VideoGracias? and Retrospect. But it’s not all street heat, Harrison has also been traveling—powder in Japan, park in Utah, pretty much anything goes..