April 13, 2013 Thru April 13, 2013
"This weekend is going to be absolute KHAOS!" Those were the words coming out of the mouths of those getting ready for a weekend of surf, skate, BMX and party. The turn out was amazing, with skaters and BMXers travelling from all around KZN to take part and push the limit at the first ever North Coast Khaos event.

The skate final was filled with some technical, fast, balls to the wall skating but in the end it was Monster Energy athlete Khule Ngubane who`s style and technical consistency won overall.The Results were as follows:

1st - Khule Ngubane
2nd - Chris Ndurito
3rd - GVB

Best Trick - GVB ( Heelflip wall ride!)

The BMX guys from Richards Bay showed off some awesome talent but it was the unstoppable Malcom Peters all the way from Cape Town that dominated the contest making every gnarly trick he did look like they could have been done with his eyes closed. The results were as follows:

1st - Malcom Peters
2nd - Heine Wiegand 
3rd - Andrew Taylor AT

Best Trick - Malcom Peters ( double whip on the spine)

Special Mention went to Josh Rogers for insanely attempting a front flip

Start preparing yourselves for the next khaotic event!!

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